Welcome to 2019 GKA Taikai

Letter from Kunitoshi Arai Sensei:

Dear Fellow Kendo-ka,

Welcome to the 9th Annual Georgia Kendo Association Taikai, Seminar, and Promotion. This year, GKA has invited two great 8th Dan sensei from Japan.

First, is Waichiro Kurita (栗田 和市郎)sensei from Tokyo. He has placed 3rd at the All Japan selected 8th Dan Tournament. It will also be his second time visiting GKA, which we are very grateful for.

Second, is Koji Onda (恩田浩司) sensei from Tokyo as well, who recently won 1st place at the 2018 All Japan Selected 8th Dan Tournament. He defeated both Masahiro Miyazaki sensei and Toshiya Ishida sensei at the finals for first place.

Both sensei will be holding a seminar to help tremendously improve the kendo of SEUSKF members. I hope that you will enjoy the matches at the tournament as well as the seminar with the two guest sensei.

I also wanted to express my gratitude to the volunteers and shinpan sensei that helped make the recent AUSKF Junior National Championship here in Atlanta very successful. Without the help of everyone from SEUSKF, it could not have gone so smoothly.

Goodluck to all of the participants!


Kunitoshi Arai

7th Dan Kyoshi

President & Head Instructor

Georgia Kendo Association

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