SEUSKF tournament results for GKA members

Tournament results:

Youth A:

Kai Ozawa, Kantosho

Daniel Jung, 2nd place

Geonhee Lee, 1st place

Youth B:

Sam Cohen, Kantosho

Jinhee Lee, 3rd place

Joshua Chang, 1st place

Youth C:

Yein Chae, 3rd place

Bright Chenhao, 3rd place

Musashi Clark, 1st place

Youth Team:

GKA B, 3rd place

GKA D, 2nd place

GKA A, 1st place


Chiaki Tamura, 1st place


Greg Lewis, 1st place

1-3 Dan:

Joshua Chang, 3rd place

Musashi Clark, 1st place


GKA B, 2nd place (Musashi Clark, Paul Kim, Chiaki Tamura sensei, Daniel Kim sensei, Sang Su Lee sensei)

GKA A, 1st place (Shojumaru Clark, Greg Lewis, Ken Tamura sensei, Jeehwan Kim sensei, Ro sensei)

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