SEUSKF promotion results

Jung, Won-suk 4th Dan

Yoo, Han Sang 1st Dan

Lewis, Greg 1st Dan

Kim, Sung Jin 1st Dan

Kim, Andrew 1st Dan

Cohen, Samuel 1st Dan

Choe, Christian 1st Kyu

Park, Seungyo 1st Kyu

Park, Seunghee 1st Kyu

Hsieh, Wesley 2nd Kyu

Jung, Son 2nd Kyu

Lee, Geonhee 2nd Kyu

Ha, Brian Sunwoo 3rd Kyu

Bae, Gherman Yongsoo 3Kyu

Hwang, Hannah 4th Kyu

Kim, Joshua 4th Kyu

Kim, Noah 4th Kyu

Shim, Jaesung 4th Kyu

Nijim, Yousef 4th Kyu

Paik, Joonseo 4th Kyu

Yoo, Joseph 5th Kyu

Cho, Edward 5th Kyu

An, Hyunseo 5th Kyu

An, Hyunji 5th Kyu

Smart, Sofia 5th Kyu

Lee, Anthony 5th Kyu

Pak, Nathan 5th Kyu

Pak, Hannah 5th Kyu

Choe, Lauren 5th Kyu

Yoo, Sean 5th Kyu

Seo, Matthew 5th Kyu

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