All Carolina Taikai Results & New Go-dan!

GKA had a great turn out for the All Carolina tournament:

Youth A:

Kai Ozawai, 1st place

Geonhee Lee, 2nd place

Youth B:

JinHee Lee, 1st place

Minche Jung, 2nd place

Youth Team:

1st place: Kai Ozawa, Jinhee Lee, Geonhee Lee

Women Yudansha Division:

Diana Kitt, 1st place

1-3 Dan:

Greg Lewis, 1st place

Pop Kitt, 2nd place

Diana Kitt, Kantosho


Robinson Sensei, 3rd place


3rd place: GKA A: Hongsoon Kim, Hwan Gi Lee, Greg Lewis, Diana Kitt, Robinson Sensei

Godansha results:

We are very please to announce that we have two GKA sensei that passed their godansha last weekend. Please congratulate:

Chiaki Tamura sensei in passing her 5th Dan.

Jeehwan Kim sensei from Chicago Kendo Club also passed his 6th Dan as well.

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